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Yearly Price Completely free! 150 € 2000 € Talk to us!
Monthly Price 15 € 200 €
Devices 3 20 100 Costumized quotas depending on your requirements
Hourly API Requests * 100 150 200
Storage ** ~30000 ~300000 ~1500000
Storage expiration *** 1 month 3 months 1 year
Remote Control Customized features Private deployment White branding IoT Consultancy
Data Storage
Rules (aka Triggers)
Sharing Devices
Mobile App
Third Party Cloud Integration
Online Support Community Community, mail Mail****, phone
Dedicated Support 30 hours
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* Maximum number of API requests you can make per hour per device.
** Maximum number of sensor reading that can be stored.
*** Sensor readings older than the expiration time will not be stored.
**** Guaranteed answer within 24 hours.

Common Questions

What happens if I go beyond my quota limits?

In regular plans quota limits are hard limits, you can not go beyond them. For instance, if you have reached your number of devices limit and you want to add one more, you will need to delete one of the existing devices. Something similar happens to API and storage quotas, you are banned for some time until you can start making requests again. Learn more.

Usage limits are enforced to guarantee all users have a predictable amount of resources for their devices.

Is my quota affected by those Devices that others share with me?

If you have access to some devices in your account because others have shared them with you, they appear in your device dashboard with the label Shared with me. These devices do not count against your device quota, there is no limit on how many you can have.

However, bear in mind that the usage you make of those devices others share with you does affect your usage quotas (API and storage) like any device of your own.

In the same way, the usage made by others of the devices you share, does not affect your API quota, but theirs.

What does a sensor reading mean?

One of the features of Lhings is that you can easily store data from sensors (or any other data source) in the cloud. A sensor reading is an item of data linked to a specified point in time, for example, the temperature is 24 ºC at 20:30 on 25th May 1980.

In Lhings, sensor readings can be in numbers, like in the temperature example, but also strings, and other kinds of data. Each plan has a limit on the number of sensor readings you can store.

May I save my data before it expires?

Yes. You can retrieve all your data using our HTTP API whenever you want before expiration. Or you can upgrade your account to a plan with longer expiration time.

May I have my own instance of Lhings?

Yes, you can host an instance of Lhings privately, with all its features. You can also offer Lhings to third parties through our white branding program. Contact us if you want to know more details about this and pricing.

No plan suits my needs

Do not worry, the needs of each project are different. You can contact us and we will be very pleased to help you in finding the feature set that fits your needs best.

I have a very interesting project idea that has to do with things and the Internet, but I do not know where to start

Let us use the expertise we have gained through years developing solutions for the Internet of Things to help you make your idea come true. Contact us regarding our consultancy services.

I am a manufacturer. Do I need to sign up to any of these plans to have my product Lhings Ready approved?

No, it is not needed. Your product is always welcome and free to join the Lhings ecosystem. However, in order to appear as a Lhings Ready product we need to confirm it complies with the Lhings compatibility tests. If you are interested in being certified, contact us, and we will be pleased to explain you this simple process in more detail.

Do you have an affiliation program?

Yes, if you want to help us spreading the word, do not hesitate to contact us regarding our affiliation program.

Not sure which Lhings plan is right for you? Contact us

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