How it works

Every Device has a unique owner who has the possibility to interact with it.
You, as an owner, are free to invite others to use your Devices and create Services with them. Likewise, others can invite you.

Personalized coffee City services Office
Maintenance guy Boyfriend
Friends Insurance company Lhings

As a Lhings User, Laura started right away creating and enjoying uses for her Devices and benefiting from new Services. From getting access and notifications from her City’s public transport, to having personalized cappucino at the Coffee Shop.
Having connected appliances at home, Laura invited her friends to join her. She also encouraged her insurance company and maintenance personnel to be informed to get better services.


Lhings is a platform which provides connectivity features to your devices through the internet. Using Lhings you can easily receive information from your devices and control them remotely, make them interact with your favourite web applications, and even delegate the control of some devices to others, so that your own ecosystem of Things works automatically. This ecosystem is composed by:

Create rules to make devices work for you

Lhings Rule = When Event Then Action
Triggered by
a Device or App
Executed by
a Device or App

As Devices and Apps can be visualised and controlled through your dashboard, their operation and interaction capabilities are also defined through their actions and events. Those are properties that represent each Device or App and depend on its nature: actions and events of a TV are very different from those of a light bulb. As an example, suppose you have an alarm clock connected to Lhings and was set to ring at 12:00h. An event would be the notification the alarm clock triggers when it rings at 12:00h, while an action would be to turn the coffee machine on and prepare your favorite cup of capuccino.

How it works
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