Get started with Lhings by using its main components in just 3 steps:


Step 1 - Connect your first Device


Your first Device must be able to connect to the Internet. A good candidate is your Smartphone! Make it compatible to Lhings by installing the PlugLhings App (available for Android and iOS). Once installed, just open it and introduce your Lhings credentials to log in.

That’s all, take a look at your dashboard through the Lhings Web or App (Android or iOS). Your Smartphone is connected! Now you can control and connect it to other Devices and Apps by creating Rules.

Are you a developer? Connect your own Devices! We show you how to do it in our Support Center where you will be able to see our API.


Step 2 - Install an app


In Lhings, Apps are usually related to virtual services. Check out the available Apps in the Apps Section of your dashboard and choose the one you want to install. Once installed, you are able to establish links with your Devices by creating Rules.


Step 3 - Create a rule

Send a tweet every time you are arriving home! This is an example of a Rule created by linking available events generated by your Smartphone to actions performed by the Twitter App installed in Lhings. Just visit the Rules Section in your Lhings dashboard and create your first Rule!

Lhings Getting home = When Lhings   Then Lhings
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