Lhings platform features



All your devices in one cloud. Edit your Devices' services and control them with a single click, anytime, anywhere. Once you are logged into your Lhings account, you will see your own dashboard with all you need to visualize and manage your devices individually or by groups.



Devices are active when they are effectively connected to the Internet and to Lhings. This means they are securely accessible and ready to interact directly through the adaptive control panel in your dashboard.



Make your devices talk among themselves, automate their tasks and create the services you need. You only need to relate the occurrence of events to the execution of actions, virtual or physical, from Devices or Apps. Edit your own Rules and enjoy!



Want to manage devices with your friends and family? Invite others and share your devices. Let them visualize, control and enjoy of their features.


Create Services

Select only the features you need from a set of your Devices and create a Service. It will appear as another Object in your account that can be shared. Something as simple as sharing your door lock could be considered as an access control.

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